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Jennifer Tanna

"Kate provides a beautiful combination of non-judgement and support while encouraging you to explore well beneath the surface without feeling pressured. Her relatability, gentle humour and genuine love of what she does makes me want to explore deeper parts of myself that I might otherwise choose to avoid. I am very grateful to have found her during a very challenging period of my life. She has helped me come through with a newfound lightness and a much greater sense of self than ever before. I am deeply appreciative." 

Michelle Adlard

"Despite being apprehensive about seeing a therapist for counselling, you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Found all your sessions very enlightening and helpful and would recommend your "out the box" therapy to anyone who needed help. Every session was different and not only did you help save my marriage, you also taught me so much about myself in a positive way." 

Reach Out

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