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Individual Depth Therapy:


Childhood Wounding; Physical/Sexual Well-Being; Addictive Patterns; Loss, Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Disabilities, Spiritual Crises, Parenting, Ecological Responsibility, Erotic Imagination, Dreamwork, Imaginal and Creative Processes


  • Making the unconscious conscious by working with dreams, images and presenting symptoms 

  • Assisting with addressing unresolved and unprocessed emotional experiences

  • Discovering patterns, threads and exiled feelings

  • Uncovering underlying stories that keep you stuck which limit your choices and expressions thereof

  • Feeling heard, understood and empowered

  • Developing your imagination so that you can develop fresh insights, new perspectives and different coping strategies

  • Developing an alignment with your unconscious/conscious, so that you feel more authentic and confident

  • 'Know thyself' will enhance your ability to have more intimate and healthier relationships with others

  • Developing more meaning, unearthing your creativity and finding your unique fingerprint


Couple  Depth Therapy:

Pre-Marital Preparation; Couple and Marriage Enrichment/Conflict Resolution; Separation and Divorce Support


Offering Effective Communication Skills Training:

  • Addressing expectations and navigating through delicate terrain

  • Developing an awareness of one another's needs, unconscious projections and shadow

  • Discovering effective tools to enhance interaction/intimacy



  • Opening up to a space where you can be heard and articulate your needs

  • Discovering aspects about yourself and your partner that you are unconscious of

  • Developing new strategies to relate to one another

  • Recognising the impact your communication pattern has on one another

  • Altering patterns that are no longer serving either of you

  • Discovering ways in which to enliven and enrich your current relationship

  • Developing an erotic dialogue that enhances your level of intimacy


"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."

Tuli Kupferberg

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