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My Specialities:

Individual Depth Therapy:


Childhood Wounding; Physical/Sexual Well-Being; Addictive Patterns; Loss, Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Disabilities, Spiritual Crises, Parenting, Ecological Responsibility, Erotic Imagination, Dreamwork, Imaginal and Creative Processes


  • Making the unconscious conscious by working with dreams, images and presenting symptoms 

  • Assisting with addressing unresolved and unprocessed emotional experiences

  •  Discovering patterns, threads and exiled feelings

  • Uncovering underlying stories that keep you stuck which limit your choices and expressions thereof

  • Feeling heard, understood and empowered

  • Developing your imagination so that you can develop fresh insights, new perspectives and different coping strategies

  • Developing an alignment with your unconscious/conscious, so that you feel more authentic and confident

  • 'Know thyself' will enhance your ability to have more intimate and healthier relationships with others

  • Developing more meaning, unearthing your creativity and finding your unique fingerprint



'When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.'

Tuli Kupferberg

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Couple  Depth Therapy:

Pre-Marital Preparation; Couple and Marriage Enrichment/Conflict Resolution; Separation and Divorce Support


Offering Effective Communication Skills Training:

  • Addressing expectations and navigating through delicate terrain

  • Developing an awareness of one another's needs, unconscious projections and shadow

  • Discovering effective tools to enhance interaction/intimacy



  • Opening up to a space where you can be heard and articulate your needs

  • Discovering aspects about yourself and your partner that you are unconscious of

  • Developing new strategies to relate to one another

  • Recognising the impact your communication pattern has on one another

  • Altering patterns that are no longer serving either of you

  • Discovering ways in which to enliven and enrich your current relationship

  • Developing an erotic dialogue that enhances your level of intimacy

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'The prime requisite for the practice of analysis has always been very simple. The analyst must be analysed himself before analysing others. This was the original premise of Freud and Jung and is maintained by the genuine Freudians and Jungians today. It is called a recognised training analysis and it includes as well, the study of the unconscious. How many hours of analysis an analyst has had, whether or not he has a doctor's degree, whether or not he be recognised by his colleagues, licenced by the state, or graduated from an analytical training institute, such questions are all secondary to the first criterion: the analyst must have been analysed before he analyses others. This is both the prime training and the test of the vocation.'
 James Hillman, Suicide and the Soul

"Despite being apprehensive about seeing a therapist for counselling, you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Found all your sessions very enlightening and helpful and would recommend your "out the box" therapy to anyone who needed help. Every session was different and not only did you help save my marriage, you also taught me so much about myself in a positive way." (Michelle Adlard)

"Kate provides a beautiful combination of non-judgement and support while encouraging you to explore well beneath the surface without feeling pressured. Her relatability, gentle humour and genuine love of what she does makes me want to explore deeper parts of myself that I might otherwise choose to avoid. I am very grateful to have found her during a very challenging period of my life. She has helped me come through with a newfound lightness and a much greater sense of self than ever before. I am deeply appreciative." (Jennifer Tanna)
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