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Imaginal Psychotherapy:
Making the ordinary into the extraordinary....



After many years of inner searching and a personal crisis, Imaginal or Archetypal Psychology became the chosen path to follow, which deeply resonated-It is not traditional clinical analysis,  but is rather rooted in aesthetics and imagination, and associated more with the arts, culture, mythology and the history of ideas. It thus departs from the medical model, which immediately had enormous appeal. The term, 'Archetypal' was coined in the 1970's by James Hillman and it was termed this, not only because its roots go back to Carl Jung, but because it is a concept that  belongs to all cultures and involves a variety of everyday activities. Archetypes govern the psyche but they are very much alive in the world around us, manifesting in the physical, aesthetic, social, linguistic and spiritual realms.
This form of psychology is also incredibly rich and diverse-it's about the care of the soul or psyche, which covers numerous topics in our everyday lives, ranging in conversations about anything from food, to work, to dreams, to friendships, love, to illness, travel, death, music, museums, and art... Within this framework, there's an exploration of loosening habituated narratives that either become fixed, or that have become an echo of the broader society... When these perspectives go unchecked, they can restrict and curtail our capacity to be fully present and accepting of what is, thereby simply creating an authentic life we may be deeply longing for. And if we continue to analyse these stories through 'talk therapy' alone, this tends to only perpetuate these patterns ..This can eventually manifest in symptoms, such as depressions, anxiety, relationship difficulties, addictions, inauthenticity, illness, or a sense of meaninglessness...  
Another drawcard is that when creatively playing with these images in a therapeutic context, the presenting dreams, myths or everyday experiences, will open up to the unconscious, providing some profound ideas and unexpected insights. This then allows for a more curious and deeper exploration to occur between patient and therapist. By cultivating the imaginal, over time, the stories become richer, more nuanced, which goes to the basic premise of: 'doctor the story, not the patient'. This perspective or viewing point, will encourage you to re-think, re-vision and re-imagine....

"Care of the Soul is a continuous process that concerns not so much with 'fixing' a central flaw, as with attending to the details of everyday life, as well as to major decisions and changes."
 Thomas Moore: Care of the Soul 





Exploration of Presenting Symptoms


Training Effective Communication Techniques:

Pre-marital Preparation,
Marriage Enrichment,
Separation/Divorce Support

I am a Registered Social  Worker, qualified Relationship Advisor and practicing Archetypal/Imaginal Therapist. After qualifying as a Social Worker in 1991,  I have practiced for a number of years in Childcare, Couple Counselling, Hospice, Autism and Mental Health. As a consequence of being born into a large extended family, being married, a parent, and an exposure to a colourful patient base, a fascination for human nature and complex relationships evolved. Then in 2009, I was introduced to Archetypal Psychology, which has subsequently paved the way into a far richer and deeper insight into myself, the world and my therapy practice. I have two young adult sons. I walk and hike regularly,  practice yoga, dance movement and meditation. I also volunteer in the community on a weekly basis.


B. Soc Sci Social Work (University of KZN) 1991 (Registered with SACSSP, SAASWIPP); Marital Adviser (Marital Institute of SA) 2001; Archetypal/Imaginal Psychotherapist (in training at Tamboo Academy from 2009-current)


​ Adults- Individuals, Couples and   Parents:   

  • Relationship Issues/Effective Communication Techniques

  • Physical/Sexual Well-Being

  • Stress/Trauma/PTSD

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Childhood Wounding

  • Erotic Imagination/Dreamwork, Creativity

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Grief, Loss

  • Disabilities

  • Addictive Patterns

  • Ecological Responsibility



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